Farmers For Climate Action

As farmers, we are on the frontline of climate change in Australia. Rising temperatures, less rainfall and more extreme weather are already harming our land and risking our livelihoods.

Damage to our climate has forced us to adapt the way we farm, but science tells us worse is on the way if the world doesn't act. Aussie farmers are rightly proud of feeding and clothing millions of people around the world. Australia needs to address climate change so we can keep farming well into the future.

That’s why we are collectively calling for stronger action to reduce carbon pollution from all levels of government, and in our sector.

By working with people in many fields – from researchers to industry bodies to government – we will have the best information and support available to make well-informed business and land management decisions. This includes responding to the unavoidable changes already set in place, and making every effort to limit further damage to our climate

Australian farmers can be part of the solution. Renewable energy, like solar and wind power, can help rural and regional Australia not just survive, but thrive. So, let’s grasp the opportunities!

About Us

We are an alliance of farmers and leaders in agriculture who are working with our peers, the wider sector and decision-makers to make sure Australia takes the actions necessary to address damage to our climate.

We are determined to see farmers and agriculture get the support and investment it needs to adapt to a changing climate, as well as be part of the solution.

Our members are spread far and wide across the country: from the tropical north of Queensland to Tasmania, and from the wine growing regions of Western Australia right across to the sheep and cropping farms of New South Wales.

As individuals, many of us have repeatedly been raising our concerns. For example, in 2015, more than 100 farmers signed a letter calling on the federal government to set stronger targets to reduce carbon pollution. Another group also ran a crowd-funding campaign to send two young farmers, Josh Gilbert and Anika Molesworth, to the UN Climate Talks in Paris. 

This year, we decided to set ourselves up as a formalised group and are running a nationwide survey of farmer attitudes towards climate change and renewable energy. The Australian Farmer Climate Survey has now closed, with more than 1300 farmers around the country taking part. Stay tuned for more.

If you’re a primary producer, or involved in the agricultural or horticultural supply chain we’d love you to get involved.

Meet some of our members. 

Who We Are

Lucinda Corrigan

Cattle Farmer And Businesswoman
Albury, NSW

Growing up in Western NSW, Lucinda now runs a large multi-property cattle genetics enterprise with her husband in the Murray Valley, east of Albury. Lucinda’s leadership on climate change adaption in the grazing industry was recognised by the National Climate Change and Research facility, being named the 2012 Climate Adaption Champion. To accompany this, Lucinda is also the Director or Chair of multiple Organisations and Councils, including the Commissioner of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.

Josh Gilbert

Young Farmer, Climate Advocate And Entrepeneur
Canberra, ACT

Josh is a young farmer and climate advocate, with a passion for his aboriginal and agricultural heritage. Josh has been recognised for this agricultural and climate change advocacy, being selected for and receiving many awards throughout 2015. These include selection in the Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 most influential people in the not for profit sector, leading the NSW young farmers climate change motion at the NSW Farmers Annual Conference, and attending Paris for the COP21 and the Conference of Youth.

Liz Hirst

Exotic Fruit Farmer
Cape Tribulation, QLD

Originally from the UK, Liz is the joint owner of Wildwood and the Cape Trib Exotic Fruit Farm in the QLD heritage listed Daintree rainforest. The orchard has 800 trees and 50 different species of rare exotic fruit, including mangosteens, soursop and rollinia. With Cape Tribulation being the largest community in Australia to live off the grid, Liz is passionate about addressing climate change by harvesting rainwater, using solar power and educating her guests on how to take a carbon neutral holiday. 

Peter Holding

Crop And Sheep Farmer
Harden, NSW

Peter is a third-generation farmer in south east NSW, growing crops such as canola and wheat, as well as running sheep for wool. Peter is also a member of the Climate Kelpie – a central location for farmers after practical information and tools with which to manage climate change risk and impacts. Peter has an extensive knowledge and first hand experience with the strategies farmers can use to manage and adapt to climate change.

Marian Macdonald

Dairy Farmer
Gippsland, VIC

Drawn by a love of cows and the land, Marian Macdonald interrupted a public relations career in the city to become a dairy farmer. In her well-known Milk Maid Marian blog, she writes about the roller-coaster ride of life on the farm with two young children, as she and husband Wayne not only chart their course through fire, flood and drought but innovate to cope with the changing climate.

Anika Molesworth

Australian Young Farmer Of The Year
Broken Hill, NSW

Anika is the Australian Young Farmer of the Year and a 2015 Crawford Scholar. Her family runs a dorper sheep station near Broken Hill and she is passionate about sustainable farming practices. Anika is currently completing her PhD in international agricultural development, focusing on improving soil fertility in water constrained environments.

John Pettigrew

Retired Fruit Farmer, Former Director Of SPC ARDMONA
Goulburn Valley, VIC

John is a retired fruit grower from Bunbartha, north of Shepparton in Victoria. He was a director of major Australian fruit processing company SPC Ltd for 13 years. Other past directorships have included Goulburn Murray Water and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority. John was also the founding Chair of the Environmental Farmers Network. Over the past decade, John has also been an adamant spokesperson on climate change, presenting widely with the Climate Reality Project.

Sid Plant

Cattle Farmer
Darling Downs, QLD

Sid is a fifth-generation cattleman who is passionate about sharing his vision for a climate-safe farming future. Sid and his family have pioneered new sustainable research practices to cope with climate change in their area. They have also assisted with revealing how best to apply climate science and forecasting to agricultural planning, risk management and climate change relevant policy. Sid has won several awards for his tireless work in communicating climate issues through his well known talk, "Climate Change in a Nutshell" and work with leading climate scientists.  

Charlie Prell

Farmer And Wind Advocate
Crookwell, NSW

The Prell family have owned a sheep and cattle grazing property in Crookwell for over a century. Charlie Prell is passionate about farming and has expanded this passion to include wind farms. A committed member of the Crookwell community, Charlie has also been championing wind farms and the potential benefits they can bring to regional communities for many years. He strongly endorses moves towards a benefit sharing planning and development model for wind farms. As well as managing his farm, Charlie is also currently working part-time as the NSW Regional Organiser for the for the Australian Wind Alliance.

Gavin Scurr

Managing Director, Pinata Farms
Wamuran, QLD

Gavin is a seasoned fresh produce grower and industry leader with over 30 years’ experience in Australian horticulture.  Gavin is passionate about farming pineapples, strawberries and mangoes responsibly as climate change predictions forecast rising temperatures and extreme rainfall.  Piñata Farms is renowned for innovation and commitment to quality as a result of farming adaptations.

Lynne Strong

Agribusiness Leader
Jamberoo, NSW

At its peak Lynne Strong’s award winning family farming operation proudly provided the milk for 50,000 Australian breakfasts every day. Lynne has won some of agriculture’s most prestigious awards including the inaugural Bob Hawke Landcare Award, the National Landcare Primary Producer Award, as well as being both a Eureka Prize and Banksia Award finalist. Lynne has a vision for agriculture as the strong, prosperous and vibrant building block underpinning the health and happiness of Australia’s landscape and people. Under the banner of Picture You in Agriculture, Lynne has brought together a team of experts to help young people develop the innovative ideas, tools and relationships they need to create the next exciting chapter in the future of Australia’s agri-sector.

Jon Wright

Cattle Farmer
Cowra, NSW

Jon is a seedstock and commercial beef producer from Cowra, in Central NSW. He breeds composite cattle and is passionate about improving efficiency and productivity within the beef industry. In recognising the contribution of the beef industry to overall emissions, Jon wants to support and encourage the industry to adapt their practices to ensure both the industry and the environment have a viable future.


Derek and Kirrily Blomfield

Derek and Kirrily Blomfield
Liverpool Plains, NSW
The Blomfield’s are the founders of the initiative, The Conscious Farmer, producing nourishing grass fed beef, directly from their farm to your plate. This movement attempts to express the importance of every farming decisions impact on the environment, the quality of produce, the community and farming generations to come. Strong advocates for sustainable farming, Derek and Kirrily were also awarded the NSW farmers of the year in 2014.

David Bruer

Wine Grower
Langhorne Creek, SA
David has been experiencing first hand the impact climate change has on the wine industry, with significant fruit losses and seasonal changes. Running three carbon neutral vineyards using a variety of adaption tools to address climate change, David believes that we have no choice but to address climate change in order for there to be a future for farming. 

Greg Dennis

Dairy Farmer
Beaudesert, QLD
Greg is a fifth-generation dairy farmer that was named the 2014 Australian Dairy Farmer of the Year. After exiting the industry in protest of the deregulation in 2003, he since re-entered and is now an advocate to consumers on the importance of
farming in Australia. Now facing the direct impacts of rising temperatures from climate change on his farm, Greg is passionate about a need for government policy to support the transition to clean, renewable energies.

Andrew Pauley

Wheat and Barley Producer
Pingelly, WA
Andrew is the third generation on his farm, with over 30 years farming experience. Andrew believes that WA farmers are on the front line of climate change, with reduced winter growing season rainfall. Andrew is now a strong advocate for the need to reduce carbon pollution nationally via government policy.

Robert Quirk

Sugar Cane and Soy Bean Farmer
Tweed Valley, NSW

Robert has been growing sugar cane in Northern NSW for over 50 years, and is passionate about developing practices on his farm to address climate variability in a changing climate. Robert has been recognised for his admirable environmental work, receiving the 16th McKell Medal in 2006, and being selected as the Australian Carbon Farmer of the Year in 2014.  

Dr Robin Gunning

Agricultural Research Scientist
Tamworth, NSW

Dr Robin Gunning is a world authority on insecticide resistance, recently retiring from Principal Research Scientist with the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Robin’s work has resulted in major advances, with international patents and awards including the Churchill Fellowship. Concerned about rural community disbelief in climate change and the effects on agriculture, Robin joined the Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, giving presentations to raise the profile of climate issues in her area and with politicians.

Anna Rose

Climate Change Activist
Canberra, ACT

Anna Rose is an Innovation Fellow with one of Australia’s major philanthropic funds, the Myer Foundation. Anna previously co-founded the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, a movement of over 120,000 young people. Anna is author of Madlands: A Journey to Change the Mind of a Climate Sceptic, and co-starred in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s documentary I Can Change Your Mind on Climate Change. Anna is a Director of Solar Citizens, Green Music Australia, the Australian Geographic Society, the Aussie Farmers Foundation and the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute. She is the Australian Geographic Society's Conservationist of the Year 2015. She has farming heritage from the Hunter Valley and North-West NSW. 


Matthew Pitt

Farmer and Sustainable Farming Consultant
Huon Valley, TAS

Matthew has experience running his mixed farm of wool, beef and cropping in the beautiful Derwent Valley. After recently selling his family farm, Matthew has moved to the Huon Valley, Franklin, where he is starting up a consultancy business. Mr Pitt is the former chairman of Landcare Tasmania, worked on the board of the National Resource Management South, and is also the co-convenor of Climate Tasmania. Matthew is a very passionate man when it comes to doing more to combat climate change and promote sustainable agriculture for the future. 

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