Farmer Stories

Martin Royds - Braidwood

Martin Royds is a fifth generation beef cattle farmer from Braidwood, New South Wales. His family arrived in the district in the early 1842. Martin himself has been farming since the 1980s and knows his land very well. His main farm, ‘Jillamatong’ is 450 hectares, and manages another 1200 hectares in the district. His goal is “is to manage the land to be  commercially profitable, regenerative and an enjoyable place for family and friends to be.”

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Meg and Peter Nielsen Bentley Farmers

Meg and Peter Nielsen - fourth generation farmers - farm cattle near Bentley, in Northern New South Wales. They previously farmed a variety of fruits and coffee at Bangalow. Both Meg and Peter agree that “good farmers are environmentalists”. “A good farmer understands that to farm sustainably you have to work with the environment”, states Peter, which is exactly what they are doing. “Climate disruption” as Meg calls it, is never far from their minds.

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