Louisa Kiely

Director, Carbon Farmers of Australia, over 2000 on the CFA  mailing list,  2000 on Linked IN.  Well known for activity to get farmers paid fairly for the Reduction of Emissions and Sequestration on Farm.  Organised and ran 8 carbon farming conferences.  Submitted first Soil Carbon Methodology to then DOIC.   Personal endorsement from former Environment Minister Greg Hunt.  (FCA has my full Resume as well) Travelling to Nepal later in year to talk with farmers. Louisa believes she can contribute much in the form of up to date knowledge of the ERF policy, as she has 4 Government ERF contracts with Landholders and is well versed in the other methods.  Louisa is hoping to also form a strong feeling for where FCA are going and how she could further those goals in her work as well.