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Step One: Add Your Name to the Open Letter to Rural & Regional Politicians in The Land

Politicians purporting to represent farmers and graziers, the people hit hardest by damage to our climate and rising energy costs, have been attacking homegrown renewable energy. 

We’ve booked a full page ad in The Land newspaper in order to publish the open letter below from farmers and graziers.

Please sign to increase pressure on the our rural & regional politicians and encourage them to throw their weight behind the majority of Australian farmers who support generating energy from renewable sources like sun and wind. 

An Open Letter to Rural & Regional Members of Parliament: Who Are You Really Representing?

An Open Letter to our Rural & Regional Members of Parliament,

As farmers and graziers across rural and regional Australia, we are deeply concerned by the anti-renewables policies and rhetoric we’re hearing from some of members of Parliament.

The motion against renewable energy carried at the recent Nationals federal conference and ongoing political opposition to a clean energy future demonstrates that the Australian Parliament is ignoring a core conservative constituency and your long-term supporters: those of us who feed and clothe Australia and the world.  

Renewable energy already provides investment valued at $1-2 billion per year into regional communities. Wind and solar can happily coexist with agriculture, and create more jobs per unit of energy produced. In addition, renewable energy can help power our farms in a cheaper and more secure way - generating our own energy from the sun and the wind and providing an alternate income stream for farmers. If we embrace this shift to renewables, even more farmers across Australia will benefit.

Australian farmers know this, which is why 8/10 Australian farmers support more renewable energy in regional Australia[1]. Already, wind companies collectively pay farmers who host or neighbour wind turbines over $20 million each year. Traditionally, our rural & regional Members of Parliament have been strong advocates for farmers and graziers. If our interests are undermined on your watch, we will hold you responsible.

Damage to our climate hurts farmers first and foremost, but in building more solar and wind we also stand to benefit directly from the solutions.As damage to our climate continues, extreme weather worsens and energy prices skyrocket we need your support - now, more than ever. We desperately need a constructive, bipartisan approach to climate and energy policy and we need you to deliver it.

We are your constituency: your members, voters and long-term supporters. Like you, we are committed to a sustainable future for rural Australia and we know renewables can help us get there.

[1] Source: Farmer Climate Survey (2017) of 1338 farmers and graziers




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