Our Governance

Farmers for Climate Action (ACN: 617 941 376) is a not for profit public company limited by Guarantee. Our objects are:

  1. The Principal Objects of the company are protect and enhance the natural environment, particularly water, air and soil quality and conservation; biodiversity; and ecologically sustainable land use, and provide education on impact on the natural environment of climate change, for the public benefit, by, without limitation:

  2. being an independent, non-profit, non-partisan organisation of farmers and leaders in agriculture contributing to tackling climate change and minimising its impact;

  3. providing accurate, accessible information about climate change and agriculture, to assist farmers, the broader agricultural supply chain, and the wider community to understand the problem, its impacts, and how farmers can contribute to solutions including changing on-farm practices to minimise environmental impacts;

  4. inspiring and mobilising farmers to achieve reductions in greenhouse emissions through both short-term projects and longer-term cultural change;

  5. assisting governments to promote and support changes to minimise climate change.