Our Supporters

Farmers for Climate Action is a grassroots organisation working to represent the interests of Australian farmers.

We are proud to have worked with some generous Australian foundations and philanthropists and thank those who have supported us including: 

  • Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal
  • Myer Foundation Innovation Fellowship
  • Yulgilbar Foundation
  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation
  • The William Buckland Foundation - Advancing Agriculture Trust
  • Melbourne Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation
  • The Climate Council
  • Rebecca Gorman 
  • Reichstein Foundation  
  • Garry White Foundation
  • Climate Action Network Australia 
  • NR Peace and Justice Fund
  • Paul & Michelle Gilding

We have a partnership with the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal that allows us to accept DGR1 donations. Please contact us on info@farmersforclimateaction.org.au if you’re interested in learning more about making a donation.