Market outlook

Rabobank’s April AGribusiness Monthly report predicts despite the market challenges of COVID-19 Australian agriculture is well placed to ‘weather the COVID-19 storm”.

Supply chain

Roadhouses get exemptions so trucks can keep going

Demand for food

The avocado industry has taken a hit with the shutdown of cafes and restaurants. 

Beer and pizza being flown into NT cattle stations


AustralianFarmers showcases some of the online conferencing and chat forums people are turning to (but doesn’t mention Zoom, which is our program of choice). Houseparty allows groups to play games and quizzes while they chat.

NBN is changing to deal with projected increases in online traffic - every Australian internet provider can order increased nbn network capacity of up to 40% for three months, at no cost, while customers with SkyMuster services will have download limits significantly increased for three months. 

Rural Australians may end up better connected to essential and recreational services than ever before - telehealth, dance lessons and more.

Non-Covid-19 news

Farmers working with French entrepreneurs to develop a product that uses rye to make environmentally friendly straws.