5 May 2020


Despite high unemployment rates across the country, some communities in regional Queensland are desperate for workers. Emerald hopes that this may be an opportunity to attract workers in the long term, as the five month long citrus harvest is about to begin with none of the Pacific region workers who usually make up 60% of the workforce. 



Agriculture is well set to weather the economic storm approaching, as late summer and autumn rainfall, a favourable seasonal outlook, the low Australian dollar and cheap fuel are buoying confidence in the grain and livestock industries.


Intense competition for a shrinking pool of young cattle, combined with uncertainty around grainfed beef demand on the back of food service shutdowns around the world, is putting the squeeze on lotfeeders.


Executives from two of Australia's biggest dairy processors have warned that the COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting markets in ways not seen before, raising concerns for the future of the industry. 


Supply and Demand

Farmers are struggling to obtain fertilisers and chemicals for the upcoming growing season due to COVID-19.


The pearl oyster industry is struggling in the wake of COVID-19, but have found a silver lining in the spawning of two different species at the same time.


Demand for tea tree oil has increased around the world as the public thirst for sanitised surfaces spreads as fast as COVID-19.


A new business in WA is working to connect consumers to local produce had excellent timing when launching just as COVID-19 hit. A virtual farmers market can now service communities north of Perth with local produce.


Rural Life

The Royal Melbourne Show has been cancelled. This is only the 3rd time in the event’s 165-year history that it has been called off.


AgForce is set to take over Canegrowers, raising concerns that there will no longer be a single, dedicated voice for the concerns of canegrowers in Queensland.


WA’s Regional Chamber of Commerce has found in a recent survey that over three quarters of the state’s businesses were confident they would outlast the pandemic, a marked increase on previous surveys.


Western Australian pastoralists are concerned in a spike in feral animal numbers as gun shops were closed across the state.


Independent NSW politician Justin Field will move to repeal the government's decision to hold digital public hearings for two controversial resource projects in the state's north west.


Almost a quarter of bushfire-ravaged East Gipps­land’s economy will be wiped out this year, as a study shows the region will be Australia’s hardest hit in the coronavirus fallout.