COVID-19 cases

There are now 212 cases of COVID-19 in regional Victoria (as of Sunday morning)


Victorian Year 12s could have their VCE extended into 2021, Dan Andrews has flagged. Kinder now free (see also this story on ABC)

Demand for food

31% of produce is being wasted before it leaves the farm - but right now this is being alleviated as supermarkets and consumers are being less picky about the size and shape of their fresh food as a result of the pandemic.

Producers who sell directly to the public are seeing an unprecedented spike in demand as customers increasingly look for ways to avoid supermarkets.

Research continues on

Ag research is continuing on - BCG is tweaking its plans to continue with trials.


Farmers are stockpiling cheap fuel.


Backpackers will be allowed to extend their stays to ensure farmers have enough labour to plant and pick crops.

Wool prices down

Demand for wool is down, and AWI has pulled the pin on most of its marketing campaigns while the pandemic continues.

COVID-19 and climate change

Coronavirus makes the low-carbon transition more urgent

Pollution and emission reductions are expected to be short-lived (this article agrees, finding that while we’re expecting the biggest drop in carbon emissions since World War Two, without structural change this won’t last)

New ClimateWorks report finds Australia’s economy has two in three chance of hitting net zero emissions by 2050 with the right government action and ClimateWorks chief executive says the need for immediate action is even more urgent as governments begin planning how they’ll stimulate their economies once the crisis has passed.

Climate change will make health crises like coronavirus more frequent and worse

Coronavirus pandemic is leading to cleaner air - but is holding back climate change research and complicating the conversation.

Jane Fonda is running workout sessions online to draw attention for climate change and the need for action.