8 April 2020

Increased Demand

Flour suppliers say there is no shortage of flour in Australia and the supermarket shelves are empty only because people are stockpiling more than they need. Even with retailers limiting the number of packets customers can buy, the flour mills simply cannot get their product delivered fast enough to re-stock supermarkets.



Saleyards across the country have been making massive changes to respond to COVID-19, but the industry is divided on whether this has been good or bad.


Lentil prices have skyrocketed to over $800 a tonne as pulse markets watch the situation in India, who is trying to sure up it’s food security. 


Export restrictions put in place in Russia and the Ukraine are unlikely to have tangible impacts on world supply, but could potentially be precursors to further restrictions in the future.


Dairy analysts are warning the COVID-19 crisis will put pressure on global dairy prices well into 2021 and will hit opening prices in Australia.


Supply Chains

In Perth, people are celebrating the lowest fuel prices in a decade, but the price drop is not being seen across the state.


Government and agricultural industry bodies are confident the cropping supply chain will continue to flow, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Minister Littleproud has assured growers that supply chain logistics are being closely monitored.


It has been a very hectic period for GrainCorp as they adapt to demerger from United Malt and figure out how to respond to the COVID-19 situation as it rapidly unfolds. The wet start to the season has also meant fertiliser demands are high, as well as a low Australian dollar allowing Australia to be very competitive in the export market.



Victorian farmers are reluctant to take on harvest labour from the city for fear of introducing coronavirus to their workforce, as the Andrews Government pours $50 million into retraining displaced workers to take up farm and food processing jobs. 


Isolation and Movement

A movement form introduced by the NT Government would mean some pastoralists would need a form to travel on their own properties, making the process impotent, says the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association.


For families in isolated parts of rural Queensland, the new rules are having no impact on the way they learn and engage with others.


Regional airline Rex is hanging on for dear life after a 98% fall in passenger numbers as a result of COVID-19.