About Us

We are an alliance of farmers and leaders in agriculture who are working with our peers, the wider sector and decision-makers to make sure Australia takes the actions necessary to address damage to our climate.

We are determined to see farmers and agriculture get the support and investment we need to adapt to a changing climate, as well as be part of the solution.

Our members are spread far and wide across the country: from the tropical north of Queensland to Tasmania, and from the wine growing regions of Western Australia right across to the sheep and cropping farms of New South Wales.

FCA is an associate member of the National Farmers Federation, a member of the Climate Action Network Australia, and we work closely with stakeholders within the agricultural and climate realms.

Volunteers and staff do our work to achieve our objectives. Our board of directors is elected by our governing members, many of whom helped set our strategic direction. We are a not-for-profit public company (ACN: 617 941 376) limited by Guarantee. We are proud of what we've achieved in our brief history.

If you’re a primary producer, or involved in the agricultural or horticultural supply chain, we’d love you to join and/or donate. In fact, we welcome anyone who eats and supports effective, urgent climate action!