Adapting your farming, personal and community activities to counteract natural hazard consequences

Farmers, we need your help. FCA is delighted to be partnering with Charles Darwin University to better understand how to best support farmers and rural communities to adapt / manage the changing environment. We’re looking for 150 farmers to participate in a short phone interview with PhD Candidate, David McKenzie and would love to hear from you! If you’ve got a story to tell, please email

Study Overview

The study looks at how farmers, farming practices, and family and community life are adapting to changes in the environment and hazards it presents to them. The study is seeking to identify markers of adaptation and how farmers perceive these issues, and what they are doing, individually and collectively to respond to these changes. Learning about how farmers and rural communities develop awareness of the available options, identify, decide about whether/how to adopt and implement new practices, and learn from changes in the natural surroundings is central to the study.

The overall aim of the research is to work with you in developing farmgate and community level strategies and plans for counteracting the impacts of intensifying occurrences of drought, floods, fires and cyclone hazards. The consequences of natural hazards have implications for Australian farmlands and farm livelihoods, changes to food and water supplies, and decreasing the well-being of people in farming communities.