Support a long-term plan on farming and climate change

This September, Farmers for Climate Action needs your help to put a group of farmers on the front lines of climate change in front of the politicians who have a responsibility to act.

On Monday 16th September more than 20 farmers from around Australia will descend on Parliament to convince rural and regional politicians to support a national strategy on farming and climate change - but they need your help. 

Add your name to the petition we’ll deliver at Parliament House in support of a long-term plan on farming and climate change. 

33,175 signatures
36,000 signatures

Will you sign?

Dear Agriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie and other politicians,

We respectfully ask you to:

  1. Meet with the Farmers for Climate Action delegation;
  2. Champion and fund a long-term plan on climate change and agriculture, that helps farmers reduce emissions on-farm and adapt to the climate damage that’s already locked in;
  3. Speak out in support of the transition to clean energy in farming communities, including community-owned renewables projects that can provide sustainable income for farmers during drought;