Glenn Morris

Glenn Morris is the general manager of FigTrees Organic Farms based at Inverell and Grafton.  Glenn completed a Masters in Sustainable Agriculture from the University of Sydney where his thesis quantified the water holding capacity of humus. Around the same time through discussions with expert Australian soil scientists, Glenn became critically aware of the importance of increasing carbon levels in the soil, through carbon sequestration.  His particular interest was on the potential role of soil carbon to deliver a practical solution to the problem of increasing carbon levels in the atmosphere.   He has spent the past 16 years researching and practising advanced land stewardship model. In 2013 Glenn won the prestigious State Landcare Award for Innovation in Sustainable Farm Practices.  The innovative ideas and strategies on the farms were viewed as critical for regenerating Australia's land and water resources. On June the 23rd last year, Glenn rode his stockhorse ‘Hombre’ across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in heavy traffic to focus the nation’s attention on the need for serious action on dealing with climate change and restoring the nation’s natural resource base. Motivated by his three sons Ben, James and Andrew, Glenn believes that as land stewards, farmer’s need to champion the way landscapes are totally connected to the carbon cycle, and therefore how farmers are in the frontline for providing a true solution for dealing with the immense task of restoring a stable climate.