Join the Indian Ocean Dipole & Climate Change webinar

With tractors firing up, dams filling up, paddocks becoming greener and the season starting to look good - some of the weight of last year’s incredibly challenging season is starting to lift from the shoulders of many farmers. 

While farmers turn their attention from daily feeding to pre-seeding maintenance, our climate scientists are continuing to unpack the drivers behind our climate; helping farmers to understand the impacts of climate change on our natural variability. 

New research from ANU and UNSW unpacks the impact of climate change on the Indian Ocean Dipole found that the 2019 event, known as a positive Indian Ocean Dipole, was a big one. It cut off one of the major sources for southern Australia’s winter and spring rainfall, and set up the extremely hot and dry conditions for the terrible fires that ravaged Australia this summer,” 

Further… “these historically rare events have become much more frequent and intense during the 20th century, and this situation is expected to worsen if greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise.” 

Join Professor Nerilie Abram (ANU) and the FCA team on Thursday 16th April to learn more.

April 16, 2020 at 7:30pm - 8:30pm
You can video call in to the webinar or dial in on your phone using this link:
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