Membership & Outreach Working Group

Christie Kingston

Christie and her husband run their mixed cropping and merino wool farm in Goomalling in Western Australia's Noongar country, a global biodiversity hotspot. Christie is a mum, community volunteer, landcarer, bookworm, instructional designer and former independent local government councillor. She has qualifications in sustainability, training and assessment, information technology and multimedia. She is inspired by people’s visions and efforts to build lifestyles in country areas that protect and enhance natural assets while increasing well-being.

Jon Wright

Jon is a seedstock and commercial beef producer from Cowra, in Central NSW. He breeds composite cattle and is passionate about improving efficiency and productivity within the beef industry. In recognising the contribution of the beef industry to overall emissions, Jon wants to support and encourage the industry to adapt their practices to ensure both the industry and the environment have a viable future.

Rob Lee

Rob runs a high input, highly profitable sheep and cattle farm in Larras Lee in central west NSW. He has been involved with Landcare for over 20 years.

Jess Lehmann

Jess recently won the 2017 Young Farming Champion award to represent the Australian Cotton Industry with the Picture You in Agriculture program. Raised as the daughter of one of the cotton industries’ most passionate and innovative, men; Mr Chris Lehmann, who left a legacy of being the first independent cotton consultant in Australia. Jess has a genetic attraction to the rural environment. She grew up on the family farm at Narrabri and with her father’s words of support ringing in her ears Jess set on a path of innovation and agricultural research. Jess has been involved with research projects that deliver environmentally sustainable and ethical agriculture including a world first biologically based pesticide to support global food security called Sero-X® and topics that showed a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant animals.

Anika Molesworth

Anika splits her life between her family’s arid outback sheep station in Far Western NSW, her PhD crop trials in central NSW, and lush green rice paddies in Southeast Asia working as a researcher in international agricultural development. She was awarded the 2015 Young Farmer of the Year, 2017 NSW Finalist for Young Australian of the Year, and most recently the NSW Young Achiever Award for Environment and Sustainability. Anika is a passionate advocate for sustainable farming, environmental conservation and climate change action. She helped form Farmers for Climate Action, and connects land managers to researchers through her platform Climate Wise Agriculture in order to build resilience into farming communities. She is also keenly interested in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage in farming communities and manages the International National Trusts Organisation’s Sustainable Farms program. Anika is also a keen speaker and educator on the balance of rural landscapes; including natural resources, and human and economic factors that affect agricultural sustainability. Her national and international presentations have included stages at science research conferences and the UN Paris COP21 climate meeting. She encourages her audiences to look past the status quo, to have critical and creative perspectives, and hopes to inspire others to seek excellence in environmental and agricultural work.