National Energy Guarantee

The Federal Environment Minister is currently working around the clock to convince the States to support the National Energy Guarantee (NEG).

The NEG is the Government’s proposed national energy policy. In theory, the NEG is designed to end a decade of climate and energy policy failure.  

In reality, experts tell us that the NEG’s weak emissions reduction target (just 26%-28% by 2030 over 2005 levels from the energy sector) are worse than literally doing nothing on climate change. In fact, it is estimated that current investment in renewable energy will see the NEG targets met by 2021 – 9 years early!

These woeful targets would see us miss our Paris commitments and shift the pressure onto other sectors – like agriculture – to do the heavy lifting in reducing emissions.

To come into law the NEG not only needs to pass the Federal Parliament, but it also needs signoff from every state in Eastern Australia. It is vital that states like Victoria and Queensland, with ambitious clean energy targets, use their leverage and demand stronger targets.

We can’t stand aside and let this weak climate and energy policy get passed into law.

Please take a few minutes to use our simple tool to get in touch with your local Energy Minister and urge them to support an evidence based climate policy for our energy sector. That means genuine cuts to emissions and supporting the transition to clean, renewable energy.

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