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Australian farmers are on the frontline of climate change. Scientists have confirmed that climate change is already making droughts longer and hotter. For farmers, climate change is here now.

As a constituent / farmer, I’m calling on you to push for genuine emissions reductions from Australia’s energy sector and not sign on to the weak targets proposed by the Federal Government.

Experts have stated that the NEG’s weak emissions reduction target of just 26%-28% by 2030 over 2005 levels from the energy sector, are worse than literally doing nothing on climate change. These inadequate targets would see us miss our Paris commitments and shift the onus onto other sectors – like agriculture – to do the heavy lifting in reducing emissions.

I am calling on you to push for evidence-based emissions reduction policies in the NEG. The NEG is designed to end a decade of climate and energy policy failure and as a mechanism, it might just work. But it is all for nothing if the targets are too weak to tackle our energy sector emissions.

Minister, we need an energy policy that deals with climate change. In your meeting with the Federal Environment Minister, please push for stronger emissions reduction targets from the NEG.