Energy 101 - Unpacking the NEM & the NEG

Australia operates one of the longest interconnected power systems in the world! Called the National Energy Market (NEM), this system stretches from Port Douglas in Queensland all the way to Port Lincoln in South Australia, with a connection to Tasmania going under Bass Strait.

The National Energy Guarantee (NEG) is the government’s proposed policy to deal with climate pollution in the energy sector. A climate and energy policy is vital to Australia addressing our climate commitments and ensuring a smooth transition to clean, renewable energy.

It is a very complex policy space. Thankfully, Professor Ken Baldwin – the Director of the ANU Energy Change Institute – is hosting a webinar on the NEG and the NEM.

The NEG needs sign-off from every state and territory in the NEM to come into law. It is vital that farmers, industry leaders and consumers understand exactly what we're signing up to and what this may mean for agriculture and other parts of the economy.

Join the webinar and hear Professor Baldwin outline what the NEG means for our energy system, our climate targets and what the evidence says we need from a climate and energy policy.He will also be able to answer your questions.

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Web Link: Join the webinar here

July 26, 2018 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm
Plaxy McCulloch Paula Samson Sandra Doughty Marie-Anne Cooper Reinhard Freise Trish Cahill John Garnett Cecilia Moar Paul Swain Scott Armstrong Christie Kingston Garry Reed Meg Nielsen tony mahar Peter Tsakissiris Adam Curcio Omar Leon-Peralta Narelle Brazenor Peter Samson alison marchant Andrea Palmer Rosalie Schultz Jim McDonald Bruce Currie Cam Klose
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