Our work

We call for urgent climate action to ensure a prosperous future for rural and regional Australia. Our tools are media, advocacy, farmer outreach, political engagement, partnerships, campaigns, our volunteer working groups, and your help, as summarised below. For more examples of our work, see our 2017 Year in Review and our history.


  • We generate and contribute to international coverage of climate and agriculture issues in print, online, radio and TV.
  • We write op-eds and letters to the editor.
  • We engage with people through our Twitter and Facebook.
  • We create TV campaigns like this ad about the free water license given to Adani and this new ad calling on politicians to keep up with farmers on climate...


  • We are an associate member of the National Farmers Federation and have people on a range of NFF taskforces.
  • We write submissions (eg, to the Senate Inquiry into Water Use by the Extractive Industry, a pre-budget submission to the Federal Government outlining our call for a coordinated national plan to combat climate change).
  • We help up-skill government staff by connecting them with farmers who understand climate/ag issues.
  • We respond to announcements (eg, the joint MLA, USQ, BOM project to support better long range forecasting for Northern Australia, MLA's carbon neutral by 2030 goal.).
  • We speak at conferences and events.
  • We support farmers to organise petitions.
  • We participate in relevant rallies.
  • We are a member of Climate Action Network Australia (CANA)

Farmer outreach

  • We have people all over Australia meeting and listening to farmers, and providing information at film screenings, summits, workshops, masterclasses, webinars, surveys and catch ups at field days.
  • We work with a trusted panel of Australia’s leading scientists to support our work in communicating evidence-based information to assist farmers.

Political engagement

  • We meet and build relationships with politicians of all parties - we are strictly non-partisan.
  • We work with party members to support their calls for climate action.
  • We help people get in touch with their representatives. For example people can join our call for a National Strategy on Climate-Smart Agriculture & Food Security by emailing their state and federal agriculture ministers.


  • We had over 2100 signatories to our 2017 open letter calling on rural and regional members of parliament calling for a constructive, bipartisan approach to climate and energy policy.
  • We are part of the #StopAdani alliance, and support farmers' efforts to protect their natural assets (eg through a water petition (over 110,000 signed) and compulsory land acquisition petition (about 45,000 signed)).
  • We run TV ad campaigns.  
  • We're working on a strategy to call for strong climate smart agriculture research, development and extension commitments at the next Federal election.

Working groups

We currently have five groups of active supporters in working groups.

Your help

Our work is done by our volunteers, and we have a small but outstanding staff thanks to our supporters, donations, and monthly donors. Our partnership with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal allows your donation to FCA via FRRR to be tax deductible, or you can donate directly to FCA.