Renewables offer a win-win for government

30 August 2018. Farmers for Climate Action Deputy Chair Charlie Prell has urged Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor to review the latest analysis of renewable energy supplies if he is serious about bringing electricity prices down.

On the same day Minister Taylor has told a Sydney small business summit that the Federal Government has a single-minded focus on price, The Guardian has reported that renewables are forecast to halve wholesale energy prices over four years.

Mr Prell, whose sheep farm is located in Minister Taylor’s electorate of Hume, said the debate over renewable energy versus coal too often positioned renewables as the less affordable option.

“This is a win-win for Minister Taylor,” Mr Prell said. “He has observed the effects of climate change on his property but has said he has to put the need for lower power prices above his love of the environment. The good news is he can do both: investment in renewables is already lowering the price of electricity and with policy certainty, it can lower it further.”

Mr Prell said Minister Taylor had expressed concern about investment in inefficient renewables programs. “With the proper safeguards in place, I am confident the Federal Government will be able to identify the programs that are worthy of support.”

Mr Prell said investment in renewables was also consistent with the Federal Government’s commitment to supporting farmers currently struggling with the drought, which is currently affecting 100% of New South Wales and over 50% of Queensland.

“Not only will investment in renewables slow the pace of climate change, which is what is driving the extremes in weather we are experiencing, but it can also help drought-proof farms by providing a second,  secure source of income that is not dependent on the weather.

“It  also brings massive benefits to our  regional community by attracting new investment,  creating jobs and providing energy security and independence.”