Join the Climate Policy Webinar

Are you frustrated by climate policy? Adapting on farm, but wondering what needs to happen beyond the farm gate?

You're not alone.

The Victorian Government will make an announcement about their 2025 and 2030 climate targets at the end of March.

An independent review conducted by Greg Combet has recommended reductions of between 45-60% across the economy by 2030. This creates some big questions.

What will this mean for agriculture? And what policies are we likely to see to help them reach these targets?

Experienced analyst Corey Watts will provide an overview of the state of climate policy, opportunities for farmers to be involved and the pathways available for change. 

Graeme Anderson  (aka @climatedogs) from AgVic will also join the webinar to provide a short Climate & Agriculture 101, along with a brief overview of the seasonal outlook.

Corey Watts

Corey is an independent consultant and researcher with 20+ years in environmental and sustainable development policy, strategy and advocacy. His diverse interests include integrative conservation, agri-food systems, wildlife biology, climate change, science and society, community development, environmental history, and rural futures. He has lived and worked around Australia, as well as in Peru, Indonesia and the United States. 2020 will see Corey start an interdisciplinary PhD exploring human-wildlife relations.

Graeme Anderson

Graeme is an experienced science communicator and extension leader in Victoria’s Primary Industries sector. He leads a small team who work with farmers and service providers delivering products (The Break, Soil Moisture Monitor seasonal risk newsletters, Agriculture Victoria climate webinar series, Climate Dog animations, customized presentations for 100 events/year). These assist industry, farmers and service providers in making sense of emerging climate and seasonal risk information, and applying this to fit within their local farm systems and decision-making.

He has a 29-year background in science and policy communication, practice change and adoption, farm planning, catchment, salinity and vegetation management, agriculture industry development, land use change and climate/carbon issues affecting agriculture.


March 13, 2020 at 10am - 12pm
You can video call in to the webinar or dial in on your phone.
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We will be hosting the link up in Zoom. We will send around a Calendar invite with details closer to the date. Otherwise, you can join by following the links below:
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