Rural Futures Report

The Rural Futures Report, released by Farmers for Climate Action and The Next Economy, in October 2018 sets out a vision for a vibrant and sustainable regional Australia.  It comes out of extensive discussions with experts, farmers and rural Australians.

Some of the recommendations made within the report include: 

  • A support scheme for farmers to earn complementary income through activities such as installing renewable energy projects on farm land, carbon farming and water quality initiatives.
  • Investment in innovative and climate smart agricultural practices to improve the health of soils and manage a changing climate. 
  • Encouraging innovation and technology compatible with strengthening ecosystems, including investment in renewable energy technologies, automation and digital technologies for communication and monitoring
  • Provision of policy certainty to allow the flow of both private and public investment in sustainable energy projects
  • Recognising the essential role health, education and social assistance institutions play in sustaining communities economically, and for the public sector to invest accordingly
  • Ongoing support for economic development bodies, such as the Regional Development Authority, which support local government and businesses in regional areas
  • Creating new opportunities to process raw materials and waste locally in a cost effective, efficient and environmentally responsible manner
  • Providing concerted and targeted support to diversify regional economies so that they are less dependent on the mining sector and more economically resilient to changes in global markets
  • Developing and enacting a national plan to phase out fossil fuel mining to address climate change, and prepare for the economic impacts associated with international markets moving away from fossil fuels

A copy of the report can be found here.