Thank you!

Thank you for joining the #showourcolours campaign.

Together, we can show that regional Australians want climate action and work toward positive climate solutions.

Here's what you can do to get involved:

  1. Find something yellow you can display on you, your fence, gate, ute, truck etc. Or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, can you paint part of a shed, wall, roof fence etc yellow? (Make sure you take a photo before you a paint it, so we can show everyone the change). Yellow is fine, but it is great if you put up a message calling for climate action.
  2. Get a photo that includes the yellow item and yourself. Bonus points here if you record a short video why you’re showing your climate colours/why you care about climate action.
  3. Send your photos to us at We’d love you to also include a few words about why you’re involved. When we launch we’ll use your words and your pics on our Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts, together with the #ShowOurColours hashtag.

Here are some quick filming tips:

  1. Use your smartphone video – handheld is fine, but keep it as steady as you can. Be sure to film in landscape (phone on its side), not portrait or upright.
  2. Ask a friend to film or it could also be a selfie video. Either way, give viewers a sense of where your sign is by slowly moving from the sign to filming what’s around it (such as the front yard, street and other houses beyond. You may have fire damage – do show that as it sends a powerful message you want action because of this.)
  3. Make sure you are in the film. It’s ok if you turn the camera back to your face so you can say why you’ve done the sign and ask others to do it as well. If it’s a bit shaky, it just means the video is genuine!
  4. Take some photos as well.

We also have some farm signs that you can put up if you're interested. Please reply to this email if you would like to receive one - see the photo below.

Also, let our media director Fiona know at if you’re free/interested in chatting to the media over the next week or so.