In 2016 the first-ever national Farmer Climate Survey involved more than 1,300 farmers – representing every agricultural sector, state and territory. It revealed:

  • Nine in 10 of the farmers surveyed are concerned about damage to the climate.  
  • Eight in 10 farmers want their agricultural sector representatives to do more to advocate for stronger action on climate change, and 88% want their political representatives to do more.
  • They are experiencing rapid change on their land, and in regional weather patterns. Two thirds of those surveyed have observed changes in rainfall patterns during their lifetime, and almost one in two reported more frequent or intense droughts; rain events or flooding; or heatwaves.
  • Many are taking steps to cope, such as switching crop types or livestock breeds, as well as adopting measures to reduce on-farm emissions. Cost was cited as the single biggest barrier to doing more.
  • Looking ahead, a majority of farmers are highly or very concerned about: more unreliable rainfall (76%), higher temperatures (74%), more frequent or intense heatwaves (68%), direct pollution from the mining of fossil fuels (68%), increased bushfire risk (57%) and price rises for input costs (53%).
  • Eight in 10 farmers support Australia moving towards 100% renewable electricity, with a further 10% unsure. 

Download the full survey results here

Our group visited Parliament to present the results to politicians. To see how it went, scroll back to late November 2016 on our Facebook page.