Thanks for taking action!

Thank you for taking the time to call for an energy policy for the future.

The future of energy is clean renewable energy and the Government needs a policy that facilitates the transition, rather than slowing it down. Thanks to you, our Energy Ministers will receive a very clear message that any energy policy must tackle Australia’s climate emissions.

However, a this alone doesn’t mean the job is done and dusted. Far from it!

It’ll need oomph—money and continued pressure to create multi-partisan consensus. It means all sides of politics must put aside their differences and come to grips with what’s at stake if we don’t act smartly and soon.

And it’ll mean the community still has to keep the pressure up against backwards developments, like Adani, fracking, and new coal-fired power.

Our political representatives have an opportunity to come together and act as one. With the Federal Election looming next year, the time for action is now! Help us to keep the pressure on, by becoming a founding supporter of Farmers for Climate Action

Together, we can take action to protect the long term future of our agricultural sector.