Understanding climate

Farming has always been a risky business and Australian farmers are pretty good at managing risk in an already difficult climate. But climate change is a whole new ball game, where the past is no longer a good guide to the future. Even a small increase in the average temperature is likely to make a significant impact on production landscapes.

Climate change isn’t affecting everywhere in the same way, however, so it’s best to start with the medium- and long-term climate outlooks for your region. Your state agriculture department, industry body, regional NRM organisation or catchment authority, the CSIRO, and BoM should be able to provide you with a reasonable handle on what’s coming down the pipeline. 


There are some terrific resources available to help you to better understand climate change and its drivers. Here are a few we’ve found useful:

Within Australia


Online tools

There are a number of tools now emerging which can help you to understand the climate you can expect in your region. These include: